Slow Travel Fest is a network of festivals dedicated to slow travel and outdoor experiences. Talks, outdoor excursions, art, music and nature on the via Francigena.

Lunigiana Folks & Family

Lunigiana Folks & Family, a new edition of Slow Travel Fest. A festival filled with outdoor experiences for families surrounded by the lush nature of the land of 100 castles, the northern gateway to the via Francigena. In the Lunigiana, adventure is just around the corner.

Camaiore Climbing & Trekking

Camaiore Hike & Climb is the festival dedicated primarily to climbing and mountaineering. In fact, Camaiore is one of the most beloved towns in Italy for climbing enthusiasts, and is a prime spot for planning excursions to discover the territory and the Apuan Alps. The via Francigena also stops in Camaiore, whose pilgrim’s hostel hosts wayfarers in the centuries-old Badia della Pietà.

Monteriggioni Walks & Talks

For three days, Slow Travel Fest in Monteriggioni, now in its fourth edition, transforms this historic town into a small capital of culture for the entire via Francigena. The hills around Monteriggioni, the Montagnola Senese and the splendid village of Abbadia a Isola and its castle are an extraordinary backdrop for the festival.

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